Sight Casting Reds in the Marsh Pre Cold Front

Started with the morning coffee, and arrived to St. Marks Florida at around 7:45am. Launched at an almost slack low tide, immediately started throwing top waters with no luck. Moved to a large bar with mullet all around throwing paddle tales and top waters and again had no luck.

Moved down the flat to the marsh entrance, poled the flat and ran up on a lone redfish sitting in a sand hole about five feet away from the bow of the boat. Sight casted a DOA Cal paddle tail to the fish and immediately hooked up. Took a couple of runs and then boated a just over slot 28” redfish. Snapped some photos and successfully released the fish to battle another day. 

The tide started to move again so we decided to drift our way into the marsh. TONS of mullet were in the marsh going in with the tide, we successfully slammed with some more reds, trout, and a lone flounder that was caught on the way out of the marsh. 

Ran back to the ramp with an incoming tide and was off the water by 12pm. Weather was beautiful at around 78 degrees with a 5mph wind from the SE. Until Next time Tight Lines!

Shimano Sahara FD 2500 Review

My new Shimano Sahara FD 2500 reel is great, while still moderately priced. I picked up a 2500 series reel as I would be spooling it with 12 pound braided line, having adequate line on the reel for all my inshore applications. I have caught many snook, reds, and trout with this reel. It has worked flawlessly and is very easy to maintain, which is a plus. I would definitely recommend this reel to anyone. Here are some pictures of the reel on the water.

Picked up a Shimano Sahara FD 2500

Review to come: spooled it up with 12lb braid and rigged on a 7ft ohero medium action rod!

June 1- June 10 2011 Outings

Here are some pictures from my  recent outings earlier this month. One trip was a catch and release grouper trip, as the season closed June 1. The second was a kayak trip with my sister, it was pretty windy out so were were only out for two hours and we managed to get one trout.

May 2011 Trips

Just wanted to show a few pictures from the past few outings. Enjoy!

Manatee swam over to say hello!

May Flats Slam (Snook, Red, Trout)

I hit snooze a few to many times and didn't get out on the water until 7:45am. Launched to a flat calm bay. Started seeing movement on the flats, lots of mullet activity. I was casting a mirromullet top water lure when I saw something following it on the flat. I slowed down the retrieve and received a blow up. I continued the stop and go process until fish finally took the lure the third time. I then boated a 35.6" snook. Snapped a few pictures and released the snook in perfect health. 

I continued on throwing a DOA paddle tail and boated a bunch of small rat reds. Near a school of mullet. Moving deeper on to the flat I caught some trout to complete today's slam. 

Overall it was a great day on the water

Trout on the Spook

Was able to get out one morning to fish with my dad. Threw the spook and managed to catch some nice trout before the wind picked up.

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