May 2011 Trips

Just wanted to show a few pictures from the past few outings. Enjoy!

Manatee swam over to say hello!

May Flats Slam (Snook, Red, Trout)

I hit snooze a few to many times and didn't get out on the water until 7:45am. Launched to a flat calm bay. Started seeing movement on the flats, lots of mullet activity. I was casting a mirromullet top water lure when I saw something following it on the flat. I slowed down the retrieve and received a blow up. I continued the stop and go process until fish finally took the lure the third time. I then boated a 35.6" snook. Snapped a few pictures and released the snook in perfect health. 

I continued on throwing a DOA paddle tail and boated a bunch of small rat reds. Near a school of mullet. Moving deeper on to the flat I caught some trout to complete today's slam. 

Overall it was a great day on the water

Trout on the Spook

Was able to get out one morning to fish with my dad. Threw the spook and managed to catch some nice trout before the wind picked up.

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