Shimano Sahara FD 2500 Review

My new Shimano Sahara FD 2500 reel is great, while still moderately priced. I picked up a 2500 series reel as I would be spooling it with 12 pound braided line, having adequate line on the reel for all my inshore applications. I have caught many snook, reds, and trout with this reel. It has worked flawlessly and is very easy to maintain, which is a plus. I would definitely recommend this reel to anyone. Here are some pictures of the reel on the water.

Picked up a Shimano Sahara FD 2500

Review to come: spooled it up with 12lb braid and rigged on a 7ft ohero medium action rod!

June 1- June 10 2011 Outings

Here are some pictures from my  recent outings earlier this month. One trip was a catch and release grouper trip, as the season closed June 1. The second was a kayak trip with my sister, it was pretty windy out so were were only out for two hours and we managed to get one trout.

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