I Went to Cockroach Bay in Ruskin for an outing with the Hard Core Kayak Fishing Anglers Club. Ruskin is a small farming town know for being the tomato capitol of the world and its located on the other side of the bay from St.Petersburg. I met at the boat launch with my fellow HCKAC members at 6:45 am. We were shoved of the beach at 7am. It was a very foggy morning with low visibility.
We paddled to our first destination which turned out to be a foot deep grass flat. I as well as many members were throwing top water lures. I only produced a small puffer fish. While some members were fortunate enough to catch some small trout.We continued on and as the sun came up the fog slowly lifted, and you could clearly see across the bay. We found a deeper grass flat. The water was extremely clear and i saw many trout swim right underneath my boat. Throwing a Gulp on a Jig head i managed to catch one trout and small bonnet head which i lost right at the boat. Overall the fishing was slow but the scenery was something that could not be beat. Cockroach Bay is very beautiful and is a must for any kayaker to visit.