Alex and his friend David wanted to go fishing, So we headed out on to the gandy flats on a overcast day. It was a super negative low tide as high tide was not till midnight. We ventured out working a drop off on the flat. David and myself caught a hand full of lady fish. Alex had a few hits but no takers.While we are busy catching ladies, Alex had a good size snook take his Exlude Dart in Gold color just before he was going to take out the lure, and lost it soon after. It was around 25" inches. We all had enough of ladyfish so we moved on to the flat as the tide moved in alittle more. We paddled to a barrier island and had no luck. We paddled on to the grass flats and spread out. I caught one lady fish and a small trout.
We were greeted by white pelicans that were visiting from further up north for the winter. We kept working the flat and had no more luck. Dave had to leave early so he headed off the water and Alex and I continued to work the flat. We then moved over to a drop off and the wind stopped all together, the water tuned slick and the bite turned on. Alex casted caught a lady fish. I casted hooked a trout and lost him at the boat. Alex hooked and released a nice trout. I snapped a picture and then took one cast and boated a trout as well. We continued fishing catching two more lady fish each and called it a day. The lady fish were out in force today which was fun, but wish we caught as many snook as we did ladyfish. Overall it was a great day to end 2009 and ring in the new decade. Going to be fishing more before i got back to school so look for reports!