We left Ft. Desoto Park Ramp at 7am ran to get some threadfin. Took a little longer to get the bait as they were not nettable. We had to throw sabikis so it took much longer than expected to get enough bait. We started off the day in my secret red fish spot where iv pulled out 40" red and many other over slot fish. But no one was biting we chummed up using  chunks of threadfins like normal but i guess the tide wasn't right. We decided to move to the skyway so we took the ride and i caught a nice 3 foot .

We continued drifting and had no more luck except we kept getting broken off by we assumed either bluefish or mackerel but we will never know.

We decided to take the short run through the bay to eggmont key as we had heard the tarpon were out in force. As we  ran to the eggmont we saw a tarpon head floating in the bay.

The Head was from what looked to be around a 180 lb Tarpon it was bitten in half by a huge shark. It probably was hooked and a sharked seized the opportunity

We reached eggmont key and the tarpon were rolling in force. There were pods of tarpon all over. With in five minutes the boat next to us hooked up and had an hour fight. We had no luck and went home before the storms rolled in Overall it was a great day on the water.