At the Launch at 7am and took the quick run to net some bait. One throw of the net at my secret bait spot and the live well was blacked out. We decided to run the beach to look for roaming tarpon. We ended up coming across a pod of dolphins and one of  dolphins gave birth. A very cool site to say the least. Its sad to think that baby might not live much longer if BP doesn't get things fixed fast.


We saw three tarpon roll sometime after this in around 6 feet of water by a pass. We threw crab and threadfins with no luck. I said lets go catch some monster reds. All the guys agreed and we headed off. We arrived to the spot, tossed out some cut bait and let it soak. We waited for over 45 minutes with no results. I knew the fish were there just could not figure out why they weren't eating. We all decided to give up and move on. As James was pulling in his bait his rod went off. A few minutes later he boated a nice 30 inch red fish.

This was a beautiful red. We were using circle hooks for easy removal and a fast release of the fish as the water was extremely warm.  Jeff safely released the fish, and we continued to fish.

We decided to move and try a new spot. All we could catch were little sharks. We caught about 10 this size. They fought very hard for there small stature so it made for some fun fights on 2500 series reels. Nice to here the drag screaming now and again.
We then called it a day and ran in to get a nice cold drink. Another good day on the water. Hopefully soon I can get out on the Yaks and get fish. Till then be safe and Tight lines to all!