I recently purchased a new kayak, as I had sold my Heritage Redfish 12 a while back. I purchased a Emotion Grand Slam Angler. With the new kayak my father and I went to Weedon island to do some exploring.

We decided to ride the tide out to the bay through the mangrove tunnels in the southern kayak trail. It is a wonderful 4 mile paddle, through all of weedon island preserve. Be wary of tides as it can be quite tricky to navigate if the tides are too high or too low.

We paddled around in the bay threw some plugs and got some trout. I spooked a a huge redfish sitting in a hole. Overall we did not fish to much, as we spent most of the time exploring and enjoying the wonderful scenery and weather.
If your interested in seeing real Tampa bay and its wildlife try paddling the Weedon island mangrove tunnel trail.