We all know that line loops and tangles in our reels are the worst thing to deal with when we're on the water. These tangled messes are better known as "Bird Nests", as they resemble a seabirds nest. Tangles are even more prevalent now, with the ever so popular super thin braided lines. Over the years I have figured out some ways of stopping a reel nightmare of a mess.

1. Don't not turn the crank to close the bail. Instead flip the bail closed by hand. This will take a while to get use to if you are not familiar with this procedure, but it is a worth while technique to learn.

2. Close the bail right before your lure hits the water. This pulls excess slack out of your line, which is the main cause of the loops deep down in your reel.

3. If you do have a loop in the line, do not open the bail and strip the line. Instead loosen your drag and keep the bail closed, then pull the line out with the bail closed until the loop is gone. This will save you much time when a loop appears in your spool.

4. Match your lure with a correct rod, if you use a light lure, such as an artificial plastic. You should match a light lure with a rod that has larger guides. A heavier lure should be matched with a rod with smaller guides.

These four basic tips will help any kayak angler in preventing the dreaded birds nest.