Winter is in full swing, cold fronts bring hot bites. The cooler water has resulted to fish moving to skinnier water and becoming more active. The snook moved into canals and river mouths, to staying in the warmer water. Sheepshead bites starts to go off as the water cools, try any rock pile in Tampa Bay. Red fish will break up from there summer schools and move along mangrove shore lines, especially ones with oyster bars located beneath. The trout bite also rises, in the grass flats. With low tides very common in the winter the only way to fish is in a kayak! Get into the warmer shallower areas that those noisy, destructive power boats wish they could get into! With the large tide changes that occur in the winter Crabs, crustaceans, and bait fish are flushed out of creeks and flats turning the bite on. Fish changing tides right and you cant go wrong!

be safe, wear a PFD, practice catch and release and get out there and catch ya some!