On march 14th my girl friend and I decided to go out to catch some trout on the intercoastal side of honeymoon island. Another couple decided to take the run out with us as it was a very beautiful day. We started out of Clearwater and took the 15 minute run to the beautiful grass flat behind honeymoon island. There was heavy boat traffic but there was not a soul on this grass flat! I wanted to make the fishing as easy as it could be so i rigged up each rod with a 1/8 oz mission fishin jig head and tipped it with a 3 inch gulp shrimp in new penny color. We started pitching the jigs and connecting with a fish almost every cast. The wind started to pick up and the fishing started to slow down. After 2 1/2 hours out we caught almost 15 trout, most of them caught by my buddy nick. Great day on the water.

*This fishing trip was not out on a kayak but i have done it before. You can launch from the honeymoon island bridge and you will be right on the grass flat.*

The bait of choice: