Knowing there was going to be quite the feast today, and being on a break from all the school work at Florida State I decided to go out and try out the Gandy flats. It had rained yesterday so i thought the bite would be on today. I started the day at sunrise. Launched on to a gloomy flat with a solid 15 mph wind. I knew I needed to search for spots protected from the wind. I started fishing on the leeward side of a mangrove island, first cast, pitching a bone colored spook jr, i had a huge blow up knocking the spook at least four feet out of the water. Most likely one of the the large breeder Snook that have been around the area. ill catch her next time. I kept working the flat on the leeward side of the island and finally caught a small 20 inch Snook behind a seawall.

I casted again in the same general area, and captured another cookie cutter snook on my bone colored spook jr. Shortly after the sun finally poked its way past the clouds and the bite turned off. I managed to get some nice pictures with the great lighting:Going to Weedon Island Preserve tomorrow, will post report on the trip.