Took out my neighbor for his first kayak fishing trip. We Launch just after dawn, to a cool overcast sky, very surprised as there was no wind at all. We started off fishing a barrier island. I was using a Spook Jr. and Alex was using a Yozuri Silver Minnow, so we could work every water column. Third cast had a huge blow up, and a nice 28 in snook took me for a short lived sleigh ride around a channel marker. I landed the Fish and Snapped a pitcure and released it safely back to fight another day.

We continued on and tried to catch another around the barrier island, with no luck. We continued on and worked the flats. No action was to be found, no mullet schools, no bait fish, and very little movement. Soon the wind started to pick up as the weatherman stated and the flat became choppy. We moved behind a seawall where there were at least 80 Snook all slot sized schooled up. They all refused to bite! Very Frustrating when you can see the fish 10 feet in front of you. After seeing all the snook we moved on to another spoil island, and worked the flat as we went, no bites at all.We beached the Kayaks on the spoil island a walked over to the Leeward side Finally Alex had a bite on a top water lure, it turned out to be a needle fish not much bigger than the lure its self. It was very aggressive and bite me when i tried to dehook it. His first kayak fish! The sun came out and the bite shut off 100% we ended the day around lunch time, the cold front had the fish hiding but overall it was a Great day on the water.