My Two Favorite Knots for attaching leader to terminal tackle

Non slip mono loop Knot: For connecting a lure to leader, allows movement of the lure for more realistic action.

  1. Tie a single overhand knot 6-8 inches up the leader from the end of leader. Insert leader end through the eye of lure and then bring it back through the loop.
  2. Wrap the line end 3-4 times around the main line then insert it back through the loop in the knot.
  3. pull the line end to reduce loop size and pull main line to tighten knot. clip off extra line
Improved Clinch Knot: for attaching lures or hooks to leader, good tight knot
  1. Pass line through eye. Double back and make six wraps around the main line
  2. Thread end through the first loop above the eye, then through the big loop
  3. hold end and main line while pulling the coils tight to the eye, clip off extra line