Put the boat in at 6:30am in Sweetwater Creek in Upper Tampa Bay. Paddled to my first spot on a mangrove lined deep water canal and worked the mangroves with a 1/4 DOA Shrimp. With in 5 minutes a baby Snook was to the boat. I let the little guy go. Again I casted and another little snooklet hit the doa.

I kept drifting and slowly worked the mangroves with the DOA. And fish on. This one had a little fight. Turned out to be a beautiful little Mangrove or Grey Snapper that was right at the 10in mark but i did not keep it.

I kept trying the same area for more snapper because they usually school together but no luck what so ever. So i decided to move on. I paddled across a flat looking for reds while moving along to another mangrove. No Reds, just some rays making muds and a catfish that ate a gold spoon :(.

When i reached the Canal i worked the mangroves once again. On my second cast fish on! This one put on a better fight than the rest of the fish. Turned out to be a nice 20in Snook.

After Catching two more 20"-22" Snook i decided to call it a day and was off the water at 900 AM. On the way back home i was almost run over by 2 dolphins fishing along the mangroves and got some nice pictures. It was a fun morning paddle.