For the past week ever morning seemed to have brought a thunder storm, an odd occurrence but it did bring some much needed water. With these morning storms i have not been able to fish. Today the rain gods brought mercy to us fishermen. So i was on the water at 7am.

Started out with a top dog jr, but no top water bite today?!?!?! Maybe i was out a little to late, the sun was already up a little to far, should have woken up earlier!

I then switched to pitching DOA shrimp under the mangroves an upper Tampa bay no fail technique. I proceeded to bring this guy out from under the shade.

I kept moving and caught three more snook, and lost 3 others.

I ended the day as the storms started to roll in
Was out of the water at 9am and todays tally was 1 25" snook, 1 22" snook, and twin 16" snooklets!