The Advantages to Kayak Fishing

  1. A Kayak is quieter than a boat, even when a trolling motor is being used on the boat.
  2. A kayak has no impact on the environment, no prop scars on the grass flats, no gas and oil leaking into the water, and no emissions leaking into the air!
  3. Kayaks can access water that boats cant, which can lead to bull redfish, gator trout, and huge linesiders!
  4. You do not need a large trailer and gas guzzling truck, your kayak can fit on almost any car even the smallest such as mini coopers or a prius.
  5. The cost is low a fully rigged kayak costs around $800 where a boat will cost at least $20k, no need to purchase $5 gas, oil, boat registration, trailer registration, boat insurance, batteries, battery chargers, outboard tune-ups.
  6. No more waxing, Re applying the gel coat, flushing the engine, scrubbing, applying bulky covers. And saltwater corrosion! With a kayak you spray it with a hose and your clean up is done!